I have no memory of my past. I am a killer by trade...

I don't kill humans—I kill demons. My mentor, Dr. Cephas Lawrence, would tell you that demons can't be killed. For me, that is a matter of semantics. I send them packing back to the deepest, darkest pit of Hell. Their eternal pain and suffering are a far worse fate than oblivion. I find some comfort in that thought.

Cephas told me this was my purpose. I call it vengeance. I am angry, always. Livid. Furious. Full of rage. Just ask the demons; they know. Why? It could be because of the horrible deeds of my father, "the Captain". Or, it could be because of those I have lost. You see, these demons have taken away people I loved. I didn't choose this life; it was thrust upon me. I was drafted into the cause of goodness and light against darkness and evil. If revenge is my catalyst, then so be it. Demons of the Dark Council, beware. I am coming!

The Chronicles of Jonathan Steel tells the story of Steel's battle against the 13 demons on the Council of Darkness. Join Steel and company in their struggle against the forces of evil as the demons of the Dark Council battle for the souls of mankind.